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Who We Are

Welcome to California Preparatory College. CPC's administration, staff and faculty combine to provide the Inland Empire with an affordable, quality, private college education based on Christian values. Although state, private, and community schools serve a major portion of the college bound population with excellent instruction, CPC exists to provide an educational track for those thousands of students who are impeded from matriculating directly into a four-year college or university by financial or personal considerations. 

Many students prefer a private or faith-based educational experience, but find it economically burdensome. Others wish to stay close to home and ease into college, but still receive a high quality education. CPC is here for those students who appreciate more professorial contact, and want to begin their higher education in a more personally nurturing program. 

California Preparatory College is your academic bridge. We believe that by focusing exclusively on the first two years of college, CPC provides the optimal foundation for degree seeking students. Our professors and staff can provide exceptional personal mentoring and encouragement. No one slips through the academic cracks at CPC. CPC welcomes students of all backgrounds, religions, races and educational goals, who desire principled, faith-based education at an affordable cost. Our teachers are here to teach you, our staff to support you, and our life counselors to help expedite your goals. 

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California Preparatory College (CPC) institutional learning outcomes are the overarching learning outcomes that reflect CPC's mission statement. They serve as a guide in the development of student learning outcomes for programs, courses, and administrative services. 

The following institutional learning outcomes reflect the understandings and skills that students will obtain at CPC.

Upon completion of the CPC program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate various forms of information
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication
  • Demonstrate their commitment to service through participation in activities that serve the needs of individuals
  • Propose resolutions to current societal challenges in the context of Christian principles
  • Understand the components that contribute to personal spiritual maturity
  • Understand the dynamics of personal spiritual maturity


1020 E. Washington Street, Colton, CA 92324 Phone: 909.370.4800