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Faculty Directory

Ammon, Chris Financial Administration
Aranda, Jeanne
Student Accounts/Human Resources/Payroll
Arthur, Kristie Mathematics Instructor
Barcelo, Hogla M.A. Spanish Instructor
Benitez, Myrna RN, PAC,
Advanced ESL Certification
Bird, Jamie Ed.D, MBA
Academic Dean
Blinci, Mike Social Media
Boyatt, Ed Interim President
Cadavid, Anthony MBA
Chair of Business Department
Carrera, Obed Vice President, Student Life
Carter, James Natural Sciences Instructor
Choi, Nancy R.N. WHPC Instructor
Coronado, Jankel Vice President, Marketing and Enrollment
Cruise, Bob Mathematics Instructor
Dhason, Alicia M.A.
Director of the ESL Program
Drierberg, Leanne Admissions Director/WHPC Instructor
Edelbach, Gene CEO
Elssmann, Glenn CVO
Fargo, Germeen Mathematics Instructor
Fleming, Monte M.A., M.S.
Science and Music
Haindl, April ESL Instructor
Harris, Melanya L.C.S.W
Knowlton, Kim PT, DrPH
Lateau, Dorin M.Th
Leite, Martha International Student Life Counselor
Ling, Lin Accounting
Melgar, Jan Spanish Instructor
Nick, Darlene M.Ed ESL/WHPC Instructor
Ohm, Jim Campus Bible Study Coordinator
Omae, Miako Assistant to the CEO
Orozco, Jenny M.A. Ed.S Lecturer
Orozco, Jose Information Technology
Peterson, Joel J.D. Legal Counsel and Lecturer
Powers, Nathan English Instructor
Reyes, Joanna Student Accounts Manager
Shand, Herbert Chemistry Instructor
Strauss, Briana Digital Media Instructor
Warloe, Joan ESL/WHPC Instructor

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1020 E. Washington Street, Colton, CA 92324 Phone: 909.370.4800 Fax: 909.793.5433