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Associate of Arts: General Studies

The General Studies program is a foundational degree that lays the groundwork for future career advancement or for completing a bachelor’s degree. Classes in psychology, sociology, philosophy, history and basic mathematics will broaden your worldview adding to your adjustable competence in a constantly changing and competitive work environment. Other classes will strengthen your written and interpersonal communication skills that are so critical to successful employment.

Students seeking the AAGS degree can expect to stretch their minds, explore new opportunities, embrace their creativity and recognize that life and career are what they make of it; that they are ultimately the masters of their own destiny. The AAGS degree provides students the options of continuing on to a four-year degree, or of entering the employment market that much better prepared for a variety of options.

At California Preparatory College you will receive the tools to apply your own God-given creativity toward more education or industry. Your instructors and Life Counselors will help you build the bridge between your dreams and reality. Sometimes the best way to predict the future is to create it!

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