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Associate of Science: Health Science

If it is your dream to pursue any of so many personally rewarding and lucrative career options in healthcare delivery, then a concentration in Health Science is the ideal choice for you.

Students enrolling in the California Preparatory College Health Science program are guaranteed instruction from competent, caring and qualified teachers. CPC science teachers have been selected to deliver the foundational science knowledge that is necessary for students to achieve successful careers in healthcare professions.

Not everyone aspires to be a physician or dentist. There are wonderfully rewarding careers in such pre-professional healthcare degrees as radiology technology, occupational therapy, nursing, dietetics, physical therapy and physician’s assistant. Whether science classes have been your forte (or favorites) in the past, if you have the desire to utilize your talents in the field of health services, CPC's teachers and Life Counselors will do everything in their power to help you achieve your goal.

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*Students considering careers in any medically related fields should seriously consider this degree program.

Program learning outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you as a student will demonstrate upon successful completion of a program of study. 

Program Learning Outcomes for the Associate of Science in Health Sciences

Upon completion of the required courses in this area, students will be able to: 

  • Outline the basic concepts of natural science including the fundamentals of microbiology, chemistry, or anatomy and physiology.
  • Analyze scientific information through the application of proper study techniques, critical inquiry, and the application of problem solving skills.
  • Research information and communicate findings in a manner appropriate for health professionals. 

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