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Enrollment and Academic Counseling

For most of you, your Enrollment Counselor is the first person that you will interact with at CPC. This individual will help you in every aspect of beginning your college experience. As you begin your CPC experience he or she is your full service counselor, advocate and information provider. Along with providing you with all the information that you need to make a well-informed decision about CPC, your Enrollment Counselor (EC) will be your personal guide through all the processes until you are fully enrolled and attending class. They can be asked all questions, be expected to advocate for you, and will then introduce you to your Life Counselor who will then take over as your personal guide during your entire time at CPC. We believe that your college experience should be efficient and that with proper guidance and support almost everyone can have a successful college experience.

This guidance and support begins with your Enrollment Counselor and will then seamlessly transition to your Life Counselor. Your Enrollment Counselor can be expected to assist you with the following in most cases much more:

  • CPC campus tours
  • Filling out application forms
  • All admissions processes
  • Financial aid determination and acquisition
  • Solutions to anything hindering you from starting college
  • Information needed to determine if CPC is the school for your Career path guidance
  • Connecting you to your Life Counselor

For more information:

Jankel Cadavid (Enrollment and Marketing):

Manuel Alamo (Student Life Counselor):

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