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CPC offers housing resources to any international or domestic student who is interested. In an effort to ease the transition of incoming international or out-of-state students, we will provide the first airport pickup from local airports. Area rental opportunities, usually apartments or home stays in Redlands or Loma Linda, are generally available no more than 1.5 – 3 miles distance from our campus in Redlands, CA. Reliable public transportation is easily accessible to our campus, but some students choose to walk, ride a bicycle, or may plan to eventually get a California driver’s license for an eventual car purchase.

We regularly monitor area home stay/apartment options and will assist incoming students seeking local housing in any way possible to find reasonable and satisfactory accommodations. Rental prices may vary from approximately $250 - $600 per month, depending on the number of students willing to share apartments. Contingent on individual rental situations and/or agreements, students may also be responsible for a portion of utility costs (approximately $30 - $60 per month extra) and possibly some furniture expenditures.

Beyond trying to help students find suitable accommodations, we will also make every effort to accompany new students to a banking facility of their choice to assist them in setting up new checking and savings accounts. For international students, we respectfully suggest, whenever possible, that they seek to procure a cell phone contract for the U.S. from their respective country cell providers and furnish us with their new U.S. cell phone contact number before their arrival in the U.S. But, if needed, we will also try to assist students in the acquisition of a new cell phone and service soon after their arrival.

1020 E. Washington Street, Colton, CA 92324 Phone: 909.370.4800